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Where does StreamDesign come from?

The idea of StreamDesign was born as my experience as a streamer grew. Whether for my personal needs or when ordering other streamers, I quickly developed a taste for overlay, chain panels or emotes designs!
And it has to be said that the market is already relatively saturated, with many non-professional streamers who have neither the desire nor the means to think about their brand image botching the design of their Twitch channel. The free offer of packs, available on the net or in some distribution software, does not really help either. This offer is often made by amateurs and of poor quality when it does not fall squarely into bad taste.
Graphic designer by profession, I therefore set about the task of opening my own overlay shop, panels and other design elements!

Why choose StreamDesign?

Why bought here when you will find your overlay may be cheaper elsewhere? In short:

  • You buy professional quality products
  • You support a freelancer and allow him to live off his passion!
  • Enjoy a varied offer, twitch panels, emotes, sub-badges, banners, custom overlays, and SLOBS pack all in one!

Any questions? Feel free to take a look at our FAQ!